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Satilla Probation Management Corporation strives to provide each court with an individualized probation program to suit their needs and desires.

All misdemeanor probation providers are not the same. Our company believes a probation program should be built on three basic principals - a mandatory sentence length, (as punishment), strict reporting guidelines, (as inconvenience), and a payment of a fine, (as accountability). Probation supervision is a means of offender rehabilitation and accountability, even though at times probation is used simply as a means for collection of fines. We pride ourselves in holding offenders accountable for their actions. Our compliance rate averages 82% for reporting, making minimum payments and good behavior.


Offenders sentenced to our young adult offender program, conditional discharge program, or first offender program see success through a positive life changing experience. Our intensive programs have proven to have a low recidivism rate as probationers are welcomed into an alcohol and drug free world. Many of the participants have experienced personal and career growth. A mandatory sentence length requiring good behavior, clean drug and alcohol screenings, attendance at personal growth classes or counseling and strict reporting guidelines is necessary to see these positive results. All high school and college students under our supervision are required to attend school regularly and produce their progress reports and proof of attendance. GED’s are encouraged for those who are not currently enrolled in school.


Only after all of our efforts are exhausted, are hearings scheduled with the sentencing court for probationers who are non-compliant with conditions of probation. Each condition of probation has its own merit, and cases are scheduled for compliance hearings, regardless of payment history.


Reporting weekly is a condition we require, as an inconvenience. Satilla Probation has a toll free number therefore there is no excuse not to report as scheduled. We strive for 100% compliance with respect to reporting, and believe reporting as scheduled keeps a line of communication where we can work through most of the issues with the probationer, to achieve a successful outcome.


Collection of fines and fees is expected by most courts and is a means of holding an individual accountable for their actions. The probation officer sets a minimum monthly payment and thoroughly explains the costs involved. Early termination cases are given several payment options whereas the probationer can choose the payment that best suits their budget.


The condition of probation relating to payment of fines and fees has a different value to each of the courts we serve. Through these tough economic times, Petitions for Sentence Modification to commute fines for under-employed and un-employed individuals have become more common. This not only helps the offenders but helps the governmental units as well by offering a labor pool at no cost.


Probationers ordered to complete Community Service hours as part of their original sentence are required to complete at least two 8 hour days per month. Many agencies are available with weekend opportunities.


Probationers commuting their fines to community service are scheduled to work for the governing authority just as the regular employees of that agency.


Employment counseling is provided to our young adult offenders. Job search tools, interviewing techniques, and follow-up procedures are incorporated into our weekly conversations with probationers.


We notify probationers of employment opportunities listed with the Georgia Dept. of Labor, local job fairs, and ads in the local papers as well as word of mouth information which in turn we pass along.


Probationers who exhibit drug and alcohol dependency are screened by our staff for use. AA, NA, or treatment may be recommended. Probation Officers research programs for substance and availability, and the results of our investigation are provided to the sentencing court. In many cases treatment may be a more successful avenue, as opposed to incarceration.


Each offender sentenced to probation with a risk of drivers' privilege suspension, is given contact information for the Dept. of Driver Services and encouraged to follow up with the department. Many courts and probation providers do not inform probationers of pending suspensions. Each of our offices maintains an accurate list of approved DUI/Defensive Driving Schools, Clinical Evaluators and Treatment Providers.


Conditional Bond Monitoring Program:

Family Violence is a situation plaguing our Society with unnecessary violence leading to lifelong devastating effects on families and children. Satilla Probation Management Corporation provides supervision of offenders who are released on bond with underlying charges falling under the realm of Domestic Violence. Our four month program incorporates counseling as ordered by the court, drug or alcohol screens, and compliance with no contact orders. We communicate with the victims as well in ensuring their safety. Our compliance officers are active in the Family Violence Task Force, as tackling this problem requires total community involvement.


Anger Management Classes:

Satilla Probation Management Corporation offers Anger Management Classes to probationers and to the general public. “Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century” is taught by our certified facilitators. Our classes teach participants effective communication and listening techniques, skills in stress management, empathy development, judgment and impulse control, anger reduction techniques skills in self talk and forgiveness, and much more.

Online classes are also available through this web site, please click this link for more information.


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